Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon

Why do People Come Here to Live?

It's a way of life! In the quiet seclusion of a river valley, they find individual fulfillment and a means of self-expression that "big city" living can't possibly provide. The rural non-sophisticated atmosphere provides a peace that most visitors have almost forgotten, and many have never known.

It's a place for meeting new friends, and time for keeping in touch with the old ones. It's room for pets, land for gardening, and space for woodshops and sewing rooms.

It's a low pressure atmosphere with no lines and little traffic. In fact, a local wag suggested that it epitomizes the definition of a small town; "A place where you don't have to stick out your hand to signal a turn 'cause everyone in town already knows where you're going."

What About Recreation?

Well...... hold onto your hat! There's fishing, hunting, archery, hiking, skiing (downhill and cross country), swimming, ultralight flying (5,000 ft. certified airport), rafting, mountain biking, mushrooming, gardening, caving, quilting, square dancing, gold mining, blackberry picking, scouting, little leagues, FFA and 4-H clubs, American Legion, Lions, Grange, Kiwanis, Masonic Lodge and OES, and an active Illinois Valley Senior Center. A challenging 9 hole golf course provides lots of exercise and a glimpse of snow on nearby mountain ranges. Bowlers enjoy a scenic drive to multi-lane centers.

Sedentary types find day and night Duplicate Bridge games several times a week, join local Writers' Guilds, or share in Craft Group activities. The IV Senior Center has a monthly breakfast, bingo activities weekly, dances and much more.

Culture hounds are thrilled by the classic and contemporary plays presented at the nationally famous Shakespeare Festival in nearby Ashland, little more than an hour away; or make a night or afternoon of it at the Symphony concerts in close by Grants Pass, Medford and Ashland. A scenic drive to the Coast with beaches, playgrounds, fishing and camping.

How's the Climate?

Great if you like all four seasons! The term "banana belt" is certainly overused, but it definitely applies to the Illinois Valley. Unlike many parts of Oregon, the Valley receives moderate rainfall averaging about 60 inches annually. The small amount of snow that we receive is lovely, seldom a hazard and usually gone in a few days.

Each season changes the landscape with bright vivid colors. Temperatures may climb into the 90's in summer and skid to the 30's in winter. Generally, it's shirtsleeve or sweater and jacket time!

What Facilities & Services Will We Find?

Just about anything that you need! Cave Junction's retail stores offer groceries, hardware, building supplies, casual clothing, automotive products, videos and more. Banks, savings and loans, plus a credit union help you save or spend your dollars. A dozen or more restaurants and cafes offer inexpensive breaks from diet fatigue.

Services include the professions - medical, dental, legal and accounting; home care - plumbing, electrical, car care, gasoline and repairs. Cable TV is available in some areas. Internet access both dial up and wireless is available.
The Illinois Valley News is the area's weekly newspaper, so if you really want to get to know us, you should subscribe and find out.

There are many service organizations including Kiwanis, Lions, Masons, DAV, and many more. More than 15 churches representing both mainline denominations and more contemporary groups meet resident's spiritual needs.

What's the Cost of Living?

Well, let's just start with the fact that in Oregon, there is NO SALES TAX in this state!!...Reasonable housing represents the greatest cost of living expense and advantage. The average acreage, outside of the city limits is 5 acres. For $275,000 you can buy 5 acres plus a large 2500 sq. foot home with lots of privacy. Or, for $185,000 or so you could buy 5 acres with a nice double wide mobile home and lots of outbuildings. Many of the parcels have large, beautiful trees. Some have pasture and some have both. Prices have moved upward so these figures may be a bit low!!

Utilities are, as a whole, low cost. Many homeowners have their own wells, so water is free for them. Woodstove or pellet stoves provide heat for a majority of homes. A cord of wood costs about $150 and a few cords a year do the job for most folks. Electricity comes from the northwest power grid at competitive rates.

Grocery costs are about the same as anywhere you live. Since this is basically a rural area, however, you will find summer-time bargains in fresh produce. And, of course, many residents grow much of their own. WARNING: Bring zucchini recipes!

As always, it's the little things that count! "Seniors" receive discounts for many expenditures. Walk or drive to the payment window convenience saves enough postage to buy a nice night out once in a while.

The big thing to remember is that the Illinois Valley's laid back living is a whole new ball game! Your needs - even your wants - will be fewer and change. The man with a beard and bib overalls that you see in town may well be the local millionaire, but you'll never know it.

It Sounds Too Good! What's the Catch?

No catch but there are some trade off's!

The area is termed "economically depressed." This means that it's hard to find employment here. Most employment is service jobs with minimum wages. Waitress or waiter, service station jockey, grocery clerk, bank teller? That's the bad news!

Now, for the good news. We are a rural area with sparkling clear skies, clean water, twinkling stars, quiet and peaceful.

Where Do I Find Out More?

Give us a call, drop us a note, check out our Web site, fax us or E-Mail us. We are not in the stone age and do have availability of the modern conveniences. Visit us soon; you'll like us. To visit the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce web site, click here.

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