Electrical Museum

Welcome to our Museum Page. We wanted to share with you some of the photos of the older radios and electrical equipment we have on display in our office. It is our intent to be the 'out of the ordinary' real estate office with 'old fashioned values' and modern methods. Stop by and view our modest collection. Oh by the way, all these items are in working condition. We will be adding more items as they are restored.

WWll world map by Firestone 1934 Crosley 5V2 1934 Crosley 167 1935 Crosley 555 1936 Crosley Buccaneer 1936 Crosley 516, note different cabinet from 516 on right 1936 Crosley 516 1937 Howard model 368 1937 Crosley 517 Note different cabinet than radio to the right 1937 Crosley 517 1937 Emerson 156 1937 Emerson 1937 Philco 37-610T 1937 RCA Victor 1937 Crosley 517 1938 Crosley, reproduction cabinet made from madrone. Original cabinet was ruined. 1938 Delco 1940 RCA Victor 1940's Echophone EC-1A 1940 Western Electric Phone 1941 Philco 1941 Truetone 1941 Zenith 5D2611H 1942 Admiral 1946 Hallicrafters S-41G 1946 Crosley 5 tube AC/DC 1946 Crosley 1946 Crosley 63TJ cabine rebuild 1946 Crosley TC66 1946 Crosley, Have 2 of these on display.
Used 2 chassis to get this one working.
1946 Crosley Victory 1946 National Union 1946 Warwick C-104A 1947 Air King 1947 Heathkit VTVM 1947 Pilot FM Tuner 1948 Meissner FM Tuner 1950 Bendix 1950 Meissner 1950's MillerFM Tuner 1950 Weston DC Voltmeter 1953 Hallicrafters 1953 Hallicrafters BC-342_in_rack Crosley577 Detrola_568 finishedCrosley-63TJ Hallicrafters_SX-62 Hammarlund_SP-600 Heathkit_audio_components Heathkit SB-303 Receiver Heathkit W5-M Heathkit W5-M with cover Hickok AF-RF Oscillator New, never used Crosley 7-1 sw converter Pre 1948 Stewart Warner Radio Cabinet RL Drale 2-B and 2-BQ RME pre-selector One of two Scott 800-B waiting for restoration 1938 Truetone Pair of Weston ammeters Weston 772 analyzer Weston 777 tube tester Wheatstone Bridge Precision Lab Instrument by Leeds & Northrup WW ll Navy Radio ARC-5 TransmitterOnline Photo Gallery by VisualLightBox.com v2.3

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